iStock_000007474524XSmallBy working with the Real Estate Fund Administration Group within Wilson Fund Administration you receive three distinct advantages over the run-of-the-mill commoditized fund administration service offering:

1. Capital Raising Edge: When you become our client you automatically get free unlimited access to our quarterly capital raising workshops, monthly webinars, and over 15 investor databases providing you with contact details for wealth management firms, family offices, pension funds, institutional consultants, private real estate investors, private banks, and many other investor types.

2. Known & Trusted Brand: Investors want to see names of service providers they recognize and can trust, our brand name is well known in the industry.  Many of our websites are the #1 most popular in their niches, such as our hedge fund blog, our website, and our Family Offices Group website.

3. Industry Connections: Since we run the largest private equity and hedge fund associations in the world with over 230,000 members globally we can very quickly connect you to any type of expert, consultant, or professional you need.  We have written several books, produced hundreds of videos, and spoken at over 50 events in 20 countries on hedge funds, private equity, family office investing, capital raising, and operations.  Your network grows as soon as you become a Wilson Fund Administration Services client.

Real Estate Fund Administration Group is a division of Wilson Holdings

which owns and operates the 35,000 member Real Estate Investment Insider professional networking group as well as other media assets such as  Our extended real estate fund administration services team currently runs a real estate asset based fund, creates and administers real estate based funds, and has raised capital for multiple real estate asset based investment funds over the past 15 years.  Since founding Wilson Holding Company, we have served over 10,000 clients in 50 countries over the past seven years.  It is this experience combined with our background in capital raising that allowed us to construct this powerful real estate fund administration service offering for you today.

Our services will be accurate, timely, and will exceed your expectations.  If you would like to learn more about us please read about our team, view common questions that we get asked, or complete the quote form.