iStock_000012940306SmallOur team runs the 35,000 member Real Estate Investment Insider Association. Through our extended team partners, we have real estate investment experience having run real estate asset based funds, helped form real estate asset funds, and having completed real estate fund administration work for ourselves and several other clients in the past.

To raise capital effectively within a real estate fund, managers need to inspire confidence with investors not only in the deals that are being done inside the fund, but also in their stewardship of the investor’s money.

Before placing their trust in a real estate fund, most investors want to see that there are systems, processes, reporting, regular communication, and financial oversight being performed regularly and consistently. Unfortunately for many real estate deal-makers and fund managers, this area is not necessarily their strong suit. Being a good underwriter of solid real estate opportunities does not mean you know how to perform accounting and administration for a pooled investment fund, which is exactly what your real estate fund is. There are countless nuances and details that must be performed, and better yet mastered, if you want to impress investors and enhance your credibility.

You can and will inspire more confidence in your investors if you are detailed, organized and professional in your approach to administration and financial management.

Our approach is to marry our rigorous systems, processes and administration with your real estate deal skills to produce a very attractive combination to investors seeking a quality risk adjusted return. Having an experienced set of eyes running the administration of a fund is a best practice many institutional fund managers deploy, but which is not readily available to smaller or newer real estate fund managers.

Our program is designed for the real estate fund manager that is just starting out and/or with AUM (assets under management) from $0 to $100,000,000.

With our professional 3rd Party Read Estate Fund Administration services you get:

  • • Back end financial administration of the entire fund

  • • Fund financial tracking and management reporting

  • • Investor subscription, redemption and reporting

  • • Investor updates, communication, and centralized contact point

  • • Bank account management, reconciliation and fund control

  • • Guidance and assistance in calculation of asset valuation and fund share price calculation

  • • Regular and timely production of reports, statements, and statistics

  • • Coordination with CPAs, legal counsel, auditors, and others as necessary

  • • Fees charged as a percentage of AUM

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